"The Students thoroughly enjoy school and behave exceptionally well because they are very interested in what they are doing. "
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 Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium 2020-2021
Pupil Premium 2021-2022 - in progress


Barriers to learning for our PP eligible pupils

social emotional factors

- low self esteem and confidence

- access to specialist hobbies/ interests

- building relationships with peers and adults

- communication


Our spends are entered around the specific needs of the children who are eligible for this funding. We use 1 to 1 support approaches where relevant, group interventions & work with families & parents. Impact of these approaches is measured through pupil profiles, progress meetings and resilience scales.  

Sports Premium
Sports Premium 2020-2021
ports Premium 2021-2022 - in progress
Sports Premium Strategy document



Results and Attainment
Results 2018-2019


Due to the Corona virus pandemic, there has been no national testing or results.  
Our Staff
Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher


Head of School 



Miss Julie Ingram


Mrs Emily McMillan


Mrs Jennifer Jinks

Administration Team

Office Manager

Administration Assistant 

Mrs Kim Smith

Mrs Susan Coutts

Teaching Team

Class 1 - Reception & Year 1 - Ms Adele Hughes & Mrs Rita Rasiuliene  

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Daisy Fenwick & Miss Laura Cutts

Class 2 - Year 1 & 2 - Mrs Kirsti Locke & Mr Mark McIntosh 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Paula Steele 

Class 3 - Year 3 & 4 - Mrs Emily McMillan & Mrs Jill Tait

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Karen Sibley, Miss Ruth Jowitt & Mrs Lisa Wyatt

Class 4a - Year 5 - Mrs Kate Godwin 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Debbie Terrell & Ms Claudia Bressan

Class 4b - Year 6 - Mr Warren Easterbrook

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Hazel Martin

SEN & PP Team - Mrs Jennifer Jinks

Wellbeing Leader- Mrs Hazel Martin

Catering Team

Catering Manager

Catering Assistant 

Mrs Samantha Bartholomew

Mrs Anne- Marie Rulten

Premises Team

Caretaker - Mr Denny Martin 

Cleaner - Mrs Marlene Boyle


Please click 'here' to check for any possible vacancies. 


Governors work together to provide an independent oversight, with the aim of improving the quality of the education provided at Fordham All Saints, raising standards and making decisions in the best interests of the School's pupils, staff and wider community.


The Board of Governors does not run the School or become involved with daily management; this is the job of the Headteacher and the leadership team. Governors help shape the aims and aspirations of the school, bringing a wider range of perspectives to all issues.


There are a number of key aspects to the work of the Board of Governors. They set policies, establish the School development plan, ensure that public funds are spent appropriately and effectively, ensure statutory duties are complied with and provide rigorous accountability.


All Governors are volunteers who meet as a Board of Governors at least three times a year. 


The Board of Governors of Fordham All Saints CE VC Primary School is comprised of:

Julie Ingram

Emily McMillan

Debbie Terrell

Rev Francis Blight
Mary Durlacher

Louise Smith 

Trevor Aldis

Laura Davis-Hughes

Wilma Rossouw

Debbie Kershaw

Sue Leek

Executive Head Teacher

Head of School

Staff Governor

Foundation Ex-Officio Governor

Foundation/PCC Governor

Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Foundation Governor

Parent Governor

Clerk to the Governing Body


Link Governor

Chair of Governors & Safeguarding Governor


Vice-chair of Governors

SEND Governor


Our governors can be contacted via the School Office

Key Documents for Governors:

Annual Governance Statement - under review 



To apply for a place for your child at the school please contact Essex County Council on:
0845 603 2200


Are you within our priority catchment area?
If you're unsure, please click here and input your address.
Admissions Criteria:
  1. Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined on page 14 of the Primary Education in Essex booklet);

  2. children with a sibling attending the school;

  3. children living in the priority admission area;

  4. remaining applications. 


In the event of oversubscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority. Straight line distances are calculated by the LA as described on page 11 of the Primary Education in Essex 2014/2015 booklet.


Exceptional medical circumstances (supported by medical evidence) may override the above (other than criterion 1) if, in the view of the Board of Governors, Fordham All Saints is the only local school that can meet the child’s needs.