Remote Learning - Spring Term 2021

Useful Remote Learning Documents

Guide for uploading work to Classdojo Portfolio

Remote Leaning Offer - coming soon 

How to create a good home learning environment - coming soon 

Class 1 Home Learning - COMING SOON

Class 2 Home Learning - COMING SOON

Tuesday - Greater than Less than PowerPoint   Greater than Less than Guide 

Winter themed Greater than Less than   One More One Less

Wednesday - Greater than Less than up to 20   Greater than Less than Worksheet 

Compare objects within 50

Thursday - Compare numbers within 50   Find the Words Activity

Friday - Winter Themed Greater than Less than up to 50    Order Numbers within 50    

Homophones PowerPoint    Homophones Matching Worksheet    Homophones Fortune Teller

Class 3 Home Learning - 1st March 2021

Home Learning Timetable

Reading Comprehension    Imperative Verbs Worksheet

Who were the Egyptians?    Egyptian Artefacts Activity

Wednesday:  Year 3 Spelling Activity    Year 2 Spelling Activity

World Book Day - Design Book Cover


Monday:        Year 2 Count Vertices on 2D Shapes    Year 3 Perimeter

Tuesday:       Year 2 Draw 2D Shapes    Year 3 Perimeter

Wednesday:  Lines of Symmetry

Thursday:     World Book Day Activity

Friday:          Draw the Whole

Class 4 Home Learning - COMING SOON

Class 5 Home Learning - COMING SOON

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