Curriculum Themes

At Fordham All Saints CE Primary School we teach the National Curriculum 2014 and have planned our foundation subjects around whole school themes taught in a rolling programme over 4 years​.   Visits and theme days are built into each unit and planned for at the start of each theme.  


Outdoor learning is extremely important to us here at Fordham and we have recently developed an on site wildlife and forest school area in the grounds. Our creative curriculum takes us both inside and outside the classroom.

Click here for our 4 year whole school themes 2018-22 

Our Values 

At Fordham All Saints CE we have a focus on a Christian Value each half term.  Through collective worship and in our day to day learning and teaching we learn more about these values and practise showing them in and out of the classroom.  We currently have 8 key values:

Friendship, Respect, Trust, Honesty, Responsibility,

Perseverance, Compassion and Hope


We have looked at how we are addressing the 'British Values' through our existing values

and other curriculum learning through SMSC.  We have a Values Tree in school which children can write on when they see others showing one of our Fordham Values.  We also believe all of our children 'can do it' and follow a Growth Mindset culture across our school and celebrate each and every child's achievements and believe every child can achieve and be the best.  We have a weekly Gold Book Assembly where we celebrate learning across the school.


Phonics and Reading

At Fordham All Saints CE we want our children to have a love of reading and all classes share class texts. We have a ‘FAB’ sets of books for each classroom. These are key texts which are read and shared in each year group and children gain a special school bookmark on completion of the texts over the year.  Guided reading happens across the school and takes many forms, from children reading independently and then discussing texts to answering written comprehension questions about the books they are reading. We promote a great reading culture, where EVERYONE in school can enjoy reading for pleasure!

Assessments & Testing

The school operates thorough systems of assessment which enable us to track all children’s progress very closely throughout the school.  Assessment is a daily activity and part of day to day teaching through high quality questioning and marking and feedback also. 

At Fordham we hold learning conferences in the Autumn and Spring terms with each and every child to assess progress, celebrate achievements and agree next steps to focus on.  Parents attend 2 learning conferences throughout the year andrecieve a report in the summer term.

Towards the end of their time in Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and in Key Stage 2 (Year 6) children are assessed in the ‘core’ subjects of English and Mathematics, through nationally applied and standardised tests.  These, together with the results of continuous teacher assessment, will be formally reported to parents in July. Key Stage 2 tests for the school are reported nationally.  Children in Year 1 also take the national phonics check in June annually.  


Educational Visits

These are a planned feature of our work programmes across the school.  There are a variety of day visits to places of specific interest, which directly relate to work that the children are undertaking and our whole school themes. 


Children also experience outdoor learning around the school grounds and the village itself, including use of our forest school area.  There is also a biannual residential visit for Year 5 and 6 children.

Equal Opportunities

We value every pupil within an environment which supports the growth of self-confidence and self esteem.  We endeavour to maximise each child’s opportunities, regardless of race, gender, language, culture, religion or disability. 


We believe all children have the same entitlement to a broadly based challenging curriculum, experiencing success in learning.  We make every effort to ensure that the multicultural nature of our society is reflected in the curriculum.  We will seek to avoid reinforcing stereotypes of role by carefully selecting and examining all books and materials used with the children. 


Our goal is to develop in all children positive social and learning attitudes to prepare them for life ahead. 

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Examples of Classwork

Home Learning

The nature and amount of home learning will vary according to the age of your child. In the early years it is focused on phonics support and early reading and basic numeracy. In later years your child will receive weekly spellings and an expectation to read frequently.    


Extra Curricular

There are a range of clubs open to all children across school.  A full list of clubs is on the parents tab of the website. 

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